the Radical Journey™

Find your way to healing and enlightenment!

A strategically organized musical playlist guides this 55-minute experiential moving meditation, easing you past the boundaries of your body to your inner Self where wisdom lies.EcstaticDance - David Wilcock

Lilting notes give way to pulsating chords, drawing you to that place inside where pain and grief live so you can, once and for all, release them to the Universe. Then you are free to explore with grateful abandon the invigorating joy of being the master of your own fate – akin to trance dance, self-healing, etc.  Everything experienced creates a memory housed somewhere; by allowing one’s body to explore, without the need to analyze, we are able to release memories that inhibit us or continue to cause us pain.  The spine is the “information highway” – simply by gently undulating one can get the process started.

Here are some things participants have experienced:

  • noticing angels dancing with them
  • looking directly into the galaxy, was so intense that participant had to open eyes and look in the room to ground
  • crying for the first time since childhood
  • releasing trauma from a stay in a concentration camp
  • dancing with the fairies

“No matter how many times I attend this session, it never ceases to do wonders.  A beautiful experience…  Thank you, Kaaren!”  ~Natalie C.  “

“That movement stuff was intense for me… I really went with it…  it rocked my world!”  ~A.R.

The Radical Journey is a personal voyage in a caravan. Your individual transformation will occur within the context of a safe and loving group experience, afterward embracing you in its interactive and mutually supportive dynamic.

“I certainly feel healed after these dance sessions. You wouldn’t believe how many beings come in to dance with us. They glide right along with the music just like the rest of us humans.”  ~Kathy S.

Workshop created and facilitated by Kaaren Smoot, long-time seeker after healing in her own life, Mystic~Healer~Guide and Vibrational Balance worker.

“To truly laugh,

you must be able to take your pain

and play with it.”

~Charlie Chaplin

“Just finished Radical Journey with Kaaren Smoot!  It was amazing!  My body feels so much lighter & looser from such free form dance.”  ~Karen W.

$15 pp – held the first and third Monday of the month, 7 p.m., at Sense of Samadhi in Yorkville, IL.   Sense of Samadhi is offering their 6 pm Power Yoga class FREE to Radical Journey attendees; just show up before 6 and tell them you are there for Radical Journey.  ALSO, bring a friend and get a discount: 2/$25.  Please pay on-site.

Contact Kaaren to bring the Radical Journey to your studio, or check out the calender.