Spirit Clearings & Ghost Tours

Between the Veils 
a/k/a Ghosts ‘n Stuff – Clearings & Tours

Wondering if you might be experiencing paranormal activity?  Here are some clues.  Hearing noises in places you shouldn’t?  Does your pet look at or interact with something you can’t see?  Having trouble sleeping?  Do items show up where they shouldn’t be?  Have the sensation someone is watching you?  You may very likely have paranormal activity (of course, it could be the proverbial tree branch rubbing on your house!).

Non-physical Beings, aka Spirits, can take up residence in people, places, and things; those of us in the physical realm feel their presence, often in subtle ways.  If you’d like to encourage these Spirits to continue on their journey – i.e., leave! – our team is your answer.

Why pick us?  We succeed where others, including exorcists, have failed.  Whether you have one spirit or 50, we get the job done.  Claiming results in the metaphysical world can be a challenge, but our clients report back that their homes feel clearer, lighter, they sleep better, they feel more open, their children have fewer inexplicable fears, their pets are less restless, etc.

Regarding ghosts (which are spirits, though most spirits are not ghosts), these are simply humans caught between the veils.  They are someone’s child, someone’s parent, someone’s friend, that has left behind their physical body, but hasn’t transitioned onto the spiritual realm, therefore “stuck” in between (sounds like purgatory, no?).  They could be a family member, someone who used to live in the area, or someone passing by that decided they wanted to stay.  While some are rather negative, most are just lost or confused.  Coming at them with ego, force, threats, etc. (as depicted on some of the TV shows), just causes them to go to another room, when what you really want is for them to go to another realm.  When dealing with non-ghost spirits, the approach and methods are somewhat different, and too complex to go into here.  Either way, we will clear them.

We bring one or two sensitives (your choice) to interact with the Spirits: Kaaren, who finds, engages with, and resolves their issue in order for them to go on; the second uses dowsing rods or a pendulum to gather information – either way, they will have gone.

Regarding tours, ours are a little different.  While you are welcome to bring along your sensory equipment and cameras, participants find that sharing in the adventure of engaging with the Spirits and witnessing their departure is much more fulfilling.  We schedule tours as the opportunity arises.  As you can imagine, not everyone is eager to have a group of people trouncing through their property, even if they are paying!  We are always searching for locations; if you have a suggestion, please let me know!

Tours are listed on the meetup.com group “Between the Veils”:  http://www.meetup.com/Between-the-Veils-Paranormal-Education/

 Schedule your spirit clearing or send any questions or comments by contacting Kaaren.  Rates vary on multiple factors anywhere from free to $175/hour.