the Butterfly Experience™ Healing Retreat

Find your pod!  In our time together on this healing retreat, we will be doing deep, powerful work interspersed with joyful, playful fellowship in a loving, supportive environment.  Sharing community with our soul brothers and sisters, it is a life-changing experience; hearts melded as one, we experience our own and each other’s Self in a way that is so authentic, as to be almost unbelievable.

“These weekends are much more than I ever imagined.”
~Roy D.

“Thank you for a magical, transformative, freeing weekend of connection, healing, and opening.”  ~Shannon P.

What we are doing is high ritual magic – not the bibbity-bobbity-boo variety, simply drawing on the power of the Universe, and, since we don’t yet have a scientific explanation for it, we call it magic:

“Theurgy is ritual magic – but magic that enacts the will of God, not of the magician. It brings divine energies down to earth, elevating and spiritualizing the world of matter, including the very being and substance of the participants. Each time the believer takes part with attention and devotion, he or she becomes more attuned to God.”
~Richard Smoley, Hidden Wisdom, A guide to the Western Inner Traditions

From the micro to the macro:  As we work in large and small groups, the healing extends from ourSelves, to our circle of loved ones, to the community-at-large, to the world, to the Universe, “As above, so below.”  The energy brought by the spiritual Beings that participate is incredible – palpable, even.

This is a workshop that goes beyond the Metamorphosis Energy Circle and into a whole new level of deeper connection, interactivity and mutual healing.  The Butterfly Experience is a weekend event that is life-changing on so many levels.

Once again we’ll be allowing Spirit to lead the way, and as a result no two retreats are ever the same.  We are able to experience one another and ourSelves at a deeper, more connected level than most people will experience in this lifetime.

“My very first Butterfly Experience was wonderful.  I am not sure I can put it into words; before Butterfly I needed to nap twice a day, I was weak and empty, reaching out for something I didn’t understand, yet 5 days later I am rested, calm and kind of warm all over.  I feel good in my skin, it’s like a door opened up and beckoned me to come in.  I have stepped into myself and found joy.  I want to say thank you to Kaaren and the beautiful, strong women who shared in this wonderful experience with me.  Holding me up when I needed it and allowing me to do the same for them.  Learning that trust in oneself and in each other is the greatest gift of all!”  ~Linda C.

Working together in large and small groups for an extended period of time creates shifts that reverberate even more profoundly throughout our lives – shifts that grow roots and spread in many directions, helping us bloom in all kinds of new and wonderful ways – and the effect lasts indefinitely!Wendi

While each retreat is entirely different, here is a general retreat schedule.

Imagine for a moment what attending The Butterfly Experience might mean for you.  Think of how you might be permanently altered, shifted, and transformed.

“I was freed from the chains of my shallow old self.”  ~Sean L.

Only you know whether this is something that could benefit you, but judging from the success stories of our past attendees, this one weekend can really change your game.

upcoming Butterfly Experience™ weekends:

2016:                   February 19-21 – Johnson Creek, WI

April 29-May 1 – Johnson Creek, WI

            May 27-30 – Batavia, IL

September 16-18 – Johnson Creek, WI

             November 11-13 – Batavia, IL

                               2017:                    January 27-29 – Johnson Creek, WI

November 3-5 – Batavia, IL

Register for the Butterfly Experience™  – Price includes lodging.  Meals are potluck; each participant brings one main dish, one side dish, and one snack, dessert, or drink – juice, tea, or coffee (if you are travelling far & can’t bring food, we’ll make arrangements).  The early-early-bird price is valid for those that make their first installment at least two months prior to the first day of retreat, the early-bird first installment must be one month prior;  please indicate which retreat you are signing up for.

Butterfly Installment Payment

Butterfly Experience Pay in Full

More info at the events calendar

– or contact Kaaren for registration info at:

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  1. Becky Thorne

    Hi Kaaren !
    Still want to attend.
    Leaving out town from 4/29-5/6 don’t want to miss early bird pricing

    1. Kaaren (Post author)

      We would be sad if you weren’t there! Let me know what works for you.

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