Comprehensive Imbalance Assessment™

Accessing your body’s own innate intelligence system via the energetic pathways (acupuncture meridians) of your body, we uncover the root causes of past, present, and pre-existing conditions as well as their effects on your health, as comprehensively as you prefer.

This modality is where I began my metaphysical practice.  By asking your body what support it needs to heal itself, not only by way of supplements and adjustments, but, more importantly, what must be released to achieve resolution, we are able to create a highly personalized healing.  Not only do we address physical issues, but mental, emotional, and ancestral as well.  Other names for this modality:  Electro-acpuncture according to Voll (EAV), Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS), biofeedback.

The frequencies needed to restore balance are then imprinted into a pendant (use one of your own, or choose one from the selection I have on hand; these can be re-used over and over); we will also have determined whether any ancillary support – supplements, chiropractic, etc. – is called for as well as any lifestyle changes.  This modality does not require client to be present, and I have done many, many long-distance sessions.  Contact me with any questions or comments.

Schedule a Comprehensive Imbalance Assessment appointment for yourself or a loved one.  Sessions are $125.00/hour.