Healing & Personal Growth

What if you had the Universe as your life coach?  Where you are guided, mentored, and led by the hand down a life path you didn’t know existed?  A path that is perfect for you…

This is what Kosmic Koaching™ is all about.  It’s a truly unique experience because it is run by the Guides; rather than the typical psychic reading where you would be asking your specific questions, here we are allowing Source to steer the ship.

“There’s something about you that lets people know they will not be able to hide.”  ~Wendi W.

This makes for a much deeper experience because certain answers reveal themselves on a much more powerful level.  You get answers to questions you hadn’t even thought of asking; questions that run more closely to what you really want and need to know to live your life whole-ly.  Additionally, during the session, we will be creating shifts in your Self – releasing old wounds, aligning energies, etc. – an actual healing experience!  To further deepen the healing done during the session, the client is usually given an assignment to do in the following days or weeks.  This is very important, as the more one is vested in one’s process, the more it manifests.

As a result, this is anything but a “tell you what you want to hear” session.   Prepare to be enlightened like never before.  You’ll be an active participant in the process of your own growth, where you call the shots instead of letting things just happen to you.  By completing any assignments given you by your Guides, you further the process; what’s more, you deepen the healing that took place in the session.  The Guides do the healing in anticipation of your fulfillment of the tasks they request of you – if they are not completed, the healing loses validity.  This is not punishment, rather it is reality; all action has a reaction, a consequence.  The process of committing to your healing in itself deepens and expands your growth.

This process has proven itself over and over to be extremely effective in facilitating growth and development, in revealing my clients’ paths, that I am confident enough to offer a guarantee.  If, after three private sessions, for which you have done all the assignments, you don’t feel you have made any progress, I will refund your money in full.

“Tears are words that need to be shed.  Without them, joy loses all its brilliance and sadness has no end.”  ~Unidentified acquaintance of Paulo Coehlo

For your convenience, readings can be done over the phone or in person.  Note:  I have a Google Voice account so there is the option of recording the calls so you have a complete record of the call, if you choose.

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Kosmic Koaching