First of all, in case you’re wondering, an explanation of what an orgone generating device (orgonite) is: essentially it works on two fronts: 1) it cleans the energy running through it by bouncing it around the metal and stones until it becomes ether, releasing it again as energy, though at a higher vibration than when it initially entered the device, and 2) by emitting electrons (the encased crystalline material emits a constant charge, and is therefore an electron donor); electron donors do positive work in the body, create an alkaline state, are antioxidant, and constructive.

“…[C]hronic disease is always defined by having low voltage. One cannot cure chronic disease without inserting enough electrons to achieve -50 mV…” ~Healing is Voltage, by Jerry Tennant, MD

Try them on pain areas, sources of EMF (electro-magnetic frequency) in your home and office, to raise the vibration of your food & toiletries, in the garden, in your car…  For the metaphysically inclined, expand your capacity during meditation, healing work, dreamwork – the possibilities are endless!

All orgonite is not created equally! There are many factors which affect how powerful a piece will be, including but not limited to: the ingredients (and how they have been handled), the ambient temperature, the humidity, time of day, the person pouring, the frequency that person is vibrating at, moon phase… We do get amazing results (see testimonials below), but even among our own pieces, some are stronger than others.


Please be aware that these devices are by no means intended to take the place of regular medical care; please consult your health-care provider with any concerns.

Every piece is cast in resin and includes proprietary ingredients, i.e., our little secrets which we feel make the pieces more powerful.

**Purchase orgonite via my store**

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“This past June 18th I had total right knee replacement.  Kaaren gave me before surgery a cone-shaped Orgonite to help with pain and meditation, I am happy to say it helped, but more importantly last weekend we were talking at Butterfly about it and I was explaining that I would gently stroke the top of the cone with my fingers while meditating, showing her with my hand the motions I used. All at once I realized that the Carpal Tunnel that I have been suffering with for years was gone and had been for some time. While using the Orgonite for meditation I had healed my hands after years of pain. That was one POWERFUL gift my friend!” ~Linda C.

“Kaaren, you have some major energy in these items, the labyrinth makes the room lighter and fresher where it is, and I am holding the hexagons in my non-dominant hand while typing and can feel the energy even in these…wow.” ~Rita V.

“I have been putting in pillowcase at night and haven’t woken up with headache. I have chronic migraines so waking feeling good is a treat.” ~B.G.

“Really, really works. You can feel the heat as it draws the funk out of you! ” ~Liz M.

“Orgonite is the most effective tool to manage physical pain without the use of drugs that I’ve experienced.” ~Ashley Michelle

“Kaaren Smoot has a wonderful product that is a well kept secret. Truth be told, she should be selling this for triple what she is charging because it yields RESULTS! It is called Orgonite and is AMAZING! It helps you alleviate pain! Have a headache, put it under your pillow. Have a knee ache? (I did!) put it on your knee and the pain is like GONE within no time! Want to protect from EMF’s from your computer, TV, phone, etc… THIS is the product. AND accept NO imitations! WHY? Because you can buy this stuff from a lot of different people, but when a Healer as powerful as Kaaren is doing this HER Love and healing energy goes into the finished product. I have had many powerful healing sessions from Kaaren so I KNOW! Accept no imitations!” ~Leslee S.

“Loving my orgonite! I had the plate with my other crystals enjoying a sun ‘nap’ & Payton [her dog] laid right on top of it! Beautiful energy!” ~Deb J.

“I got a wonderful Orgonite from Kaaren. I really enjoyed the energy, and felt it immediately. I have joint pain, and the copper immediately helped my pain when I held it over my wrist. I could also feel the draw from the Orgonite as it was removing negative energy from me. Love it!!!!” ~Laura C.

“After years of headache and migraine therapy through conventional medicine, orgonite has become my number one pain reliever and it goes everywhere I do.” ~Chelsey D.



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      Thank you. This blogging thing is still foreign to me and I haven’t gotten on a schedule, though I have lots of ideas for posts – just have to sit down and write them!

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    I am interesting in these and clearing negative energys? where can i get these

    1. Kaaren (Post author)

      There is a link on the page, and here it is again, the link to my etsy store. I just started pouring for this year; if there is something in particular you are looking for, let me know.


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