Explore living a life holistic. The more in balance one is - in all arenas - the more each segment contributes to the whole. For example, someone meditating daily yet consistently making unsustainable choices is not taking full advantage of the energy unleashed by the meditation. I truly believe that our multi-faceted-ness, like a multi-petaled flower, is what makes us so beautiful and unique. While individual posts cover single topics, collectively, the posts on this blog will help you to become more completely holistic. Namaste...

Alcoholic Healer

As I am recovering from the repercussions of energy released from a new healing modality to be launched soon, I figure this is as good a time as any to share the following:

“Thanks for your blog, I truly enjoy reading the quotes or stories.  It means a lot to me.
Here is a story for you that I hope you enjoy.
I have been looking out for James*, a young man around 48, not too young. James is my best friend’s son.  My best friend passed away almost two years ago. That is when I met James. Now James is an alcoholic and I am sure he is never going to change.  Sad to say.  The reason I look out for him is I feel he needs someone to help him out in life.  We have tried to get him in AA or something to help him recover.  Things have not worked out for the best there. Then he was going to get his aid cut by about 200 dollars.  So he left and went back to California.  To tell you the truth, at that time I was glad to see him go. About six months later he came back.  I helped him find an apartment so he isn’t living on the street.  He is a kind-hearted person.
Last winter I gave him some gloves to keep his hands warm.  A few weeks later we got together and he had no gloves to keep his hands warm.  You need to know the weather is about 20 degrees outside that time of year.  He told me that he was on his way back to his apartment and came across a person that had no gloves and was going to be on the street all night, so he gave him the gloves. He told me he had a warm apartment to go back to and the other guy needed the gloves more than he did.empty bottle
Main thing about this story is I have changed in regard to people that drink.  I say this because, we went on vacation the last two weeks.  We were down in San Antonio, Texas.  My wife was shopping and I needed to sit down.  I ended up sitting on a bench next to a person that asked if I could spare some change.  Normally I would have walked away.  I ended up giving him all the change I had which was about 58 cents.  He was very grateful.  Said he had to have three drinks a day, then he is ok.  As we talked he said he was afraid of dying.  Had done a lot of bad thing earlier in his life.  Told me a few things and that was why he was afraid to die.  I told him that God is a forgiving God.  That we all do bad things in our life.  That if we ask for forgiveness, God was forgiving.  He still seemed worried but a little more at ease.
I would not have even talked to him, if I had not been helping James.  He has given me a different outlook on people that have a problem.
Thanks for letting me tell my story.
One never knows what someone else’s experience has been, or what their role is, even an alcoholic can be a healer…
* names changed


What Level of Authentic Living Are You At?

“Authentic” is one of my favorite words.

The deeper I meander into the metaphysical world, the more and more it shows up in my life.  It applies when I explore and accept the feelings and reactions I am having and live from them, without trying to hide them from mySelf or others.  It applies when I use the knowledge gained to further my own development.  It applies when someone cries or laughs or snorts during my work.  It applies when locking soul-eyes with a stranger, to a spontaneous hug, to animals…  What it means to me is hard to describe, but it has to do with the experience, however brief, of being real, unfettered by mores, mask-less, unplanned.  It is not the domain of joy or sadness, males or females, or any other grouping, it just is.

As that sure isn’t the best definition, let’s see what Wikipedia has to say:

“Authenticity concerns the truthfulness of origins, attributes, commitments, sincerity, devotion, and intentions.”


“Authenticity (philosophy), a particular way of dealing with the external world, being faithful to internal rather than external ideas.”

To me, it boils down to this:  the authentic self





If we are, in fact, eternal Beings, defined as souls, then living as if this Earthly existence is the be-all and end-all makes little sense.  It seems to me that as a society, ideally we would aspire to living authentically, letting our souls be visible, en masse. How exactly that would look, in terms of what would change in education, conflict resolution, entertainment, agriculture, medicine, etc., is exciting to contemplate but I’m not going to go into that here.  In regards to our day-to-day interactions, however, I can hazard a guess.

Level 5:  This is where our daily interactions are heart-centered.  Even with strangers. Our personal conversations are not fine – you know, where one person says, “How are you?”, and the other responds, “Fine.”  (yes, I have ranted about this before)  This happens when everyone in our circle (family, friends, colleagues) is doing their work and knows how to engage with their own inner Self and live from there (“…being faithful to internal…”).

Level 4:  A lot of us woo-woo folks are living between here and Level 3.  Level 4 is where we continue to do our own work, and convey to the people in our life that we are doing so, and, while welcoming them to do the same, we accept that they are not all there yet. It’s kind of like living in the Twilight Zone.

Example, a dear friend who happens to also be a client lives here, in Level 4, in regards to her family of origin.  She was brought up in a household stuck in Level 1.  As a young adult, she recognized that she “had issues” and moved into Level 2.  The more she did her work – Level 3 – the more she realized that she was holding a deep secret.  Once she finally uncovered that secret – incestuous abuse – she struggled for a long time in Level 3, trying to figure out how to accept it and move on.  When she finally moved into Level 4 on this issue by sharing it with her family, she was shut down.  Her family are not willing to hear that a beloved patriarch would have done such a thing, so they insist that she is wrong, insist that she be quiet, insist that she not talk about it.  Note:  her motive here is not to cause problems, to cast blame, or even to harp on about it, but to clarify her understanding of how the abuse affected her role in the family, how that abuse affected her interactions with others, and that by owning it she could let it go.  Clearly, there is no way for her to move to Level 5 on this issue until her family comes to terms with it themselves. When you are ready to move from Level 3 to Level 4 on any particular item, when you are ready to stand in your truth, you not only unleash energy previously bottled up within you, you give testimony to the Universe that there is no shame in being authentic.

Level 3:  We’re doing the work, but are pretty much keeping it a secret, i.e., not letting anyone know how “out there” we are, for fear of the response.  In other words, this is where we are not speaking our truth, be it around spiritual beliefs, fears, goals, food… – you get the idea.

Level 2:  Here we have awakened to the understanding of the permanence of life; we’ve had that A-ha moment and are eager to pursue a life authentic.  We understand that by healing our wounds, by searching within for our own reality, by doing the hard work of growing, we are committing to a life of bliss – a life that is “…ancient, imperishable, and ever-lasting.”¹

Level 1:  This is where it often feels like everyone else is living – oblivious, heartless, scrambling for material gain while ignoring the eternal part of ourSelves.  In actuality, many living in Level 1 are genuinely kind, etc., just not willing to step deeper into their own lives.  The folks living here are the ones you want to hit on the head with a rubber hammer.

Regardless of where you are now, remember, the levels are fluid.  In some arenas of our lives, we are at Level 4, while in others, we are stuck at Level 1 or 2.  Some days are better than others.  While Level 5 is the goal, one cannot force anyone else to do their own work; for the most part it must remain an ideal, except to the degree to which one is able to surround oneSelf with like-minded folk.

Please post your comments below; I love to hear them!


¹ – “O SON OF SPIRIT!  My first counsel is this:  Possess a pure, kindly and radiant heart, that thine may be a sovereignty ancient, imperishable and everlasting.”

~The Hidden Words of Bahá’u’lláh

Healing for the Holocaust

It seems like a lifetime, but eight days ago I was given the bounty of doing some pretty darn awesome healing work.

There is a woman, let’s call her Louise, walking the earth to whom we all owe a huge debt.  She has done so many things in her 80+ years to better the planet, all across the globe, that it puts most of us to shame.  It is not my place to tell her life story here – I’m sure I don’t know the half of it! – but I would like to discuss what transpired when I was called on to work with her.

IL Holocaust Museum

For the past two months, Louise had been having trouble “staying alive”, as she put it. Though she lives in the Southwest (I live in the Midwest) she was going to be only a couple of hours away to speak at a conference (did I mention she’s also a walking, talking history book?), and she asked her niece to arrange for us to meet in person at the home of a mutual friend.

As a healer, the potency, texture, mood of the energy Source runs through me to the client varies tremendously.  With Louise, I knew right away that this healing was of a unique nature.  It all started out pretty straight-forward.  The Guides wanted her to lie down comfortably in order to better allow the energy to flow through her and avoid the possibility of swooning.  Some of the Guides were with me at her feet, a very high Being along with other Guides at her head, with the energy flowing through us and through her, circling at various areas in her body that needed extra attention.  I saw a man next to her and realized it was her husband, who she already told me had walked on some years before; he was there supporting her and assisting with the work.

Once this phase was complete, I asked, as is my method, if there were any questions.  At the same time, I noticed that her husband was now clouded in grief and sorrow, and that clearly he needed help.  Her niece told me about the “staying alive” issue.  As soon as she said that, I could see that Louise, without consciously knowing it, had been assisting her husband with his issue, and that was draining her of all she had.  Note:  this type of thing happens more than we realize, and is one of the root causes mainstream caregivers usually miss.

I told them that there was something from his youth that was haunting him, something had happened that he still hadn’t shook off.  Louise shared that, before he was taken from their home to hospice, he had repeatedly seen a young boy, dressed in old-fashioned clothes, standing at the foot of their bed.  He didn’t know who it was but desperately wanted to.  That boy then showed himself to me, simultaneously letting me know he was the envoy for a group of Holocaust and pogrom victims that needed and wanted healing, that he had shown himself to the husband knowing that eventually he and I (meaning my team) would cross paths. Adjustments were made to facilitate the healing, not the least of which was that I now needed to sit down, and then this large group of people started flowing toward me, headed to the Guides, or realm or place or feeling or vibration (I don’t claim to know exactly; I live here still) that they needed.  Let me tell you, this energy was unique, very powerful yet very soft, and incredibly beautiful.

The four of us breathing (as opposed to metaphysical Beings, who don’t inhale air) folks, after it was done, just sat in stunned, humbled, silence.  “Wow” is a woefully inadequate term, but it’s in the direction of what we felt.  The niece, who happens to have been trained by Hanna Kroeger herself in the art of pendulum divination, then revealed that we had just assisted 4,000,000 (yes, million) souls who had been victims of man’s inexplicable, ongoing, horrific treatment of their fellow men.  It makes me cry just to write this.  How could little old us, mere specks of dust on a slightly bigger speck of dust in an infinite Universe, be so blessed as to be chosen to do this?

Let me insert a clarification here.  I have “crossed over” many, many souls in the past, even in large groups, but this was different.  This was about needing healing, not about being stuck here as ghosts.  Now that I think of it, the largest group I worked with en masse was over 600, and that was in a Jewish cemetery; it’s likely there is a connection, I’ll have to look into that!

Getting back to Louise:  the niece then discovered that Louise and her husband (who was, in fact, Jewish) had, during their 50+ years here together, assisted 3,000,000 additional souls.  In case you’re wondering, that averages out to 60,000 a year, 164 a day, 365 days a year.  That’s a lot of work and it’s on top of the other amazing things Louise was already doing!

I started off this post stating that the world owes Louise a lot and I stand by that.  The history of the pogroms and the Holocaust leaves a devastating impression on the collective experience of all that is, this planet in particular.  Given that racism is still alive and well, it would be fair to say we are not yet healed from those wounds.  We must all learn to live together, to overcome our prejudices and anything else that keeps us apart, so that we can work toward the promised Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  That Louise and her husband, over the years, culminating in a gigantic push last week, on their own (along with their Guides) raised the vibration of 7,000,000 souls is mind-boggling.

Remember them in your prayers.

The Sky is Red

Communication is king.

That’s it, that’s all I have to say, whole thing in a nutshell…

Well, maybe I have a little more:

Communication, whether via words, deeds, or thoughts, whether to ourselves or to others, defines who we are.  I touched on this in my last post, Speaking of Death, but would like to expand on it here.

  • If I communicate to myself, in my thoughts, that the world and the people on it, are crappy, then that defines who I am.  I will live my life that way, and the world and the people on it will respond to me crappily.
  • If my words are insincere, my relationships will be insincere.  Case in point, when one person asks another, “How are you?”, the answer is inevitably something flippant, like, “Fine.”  What the heck is that?  Not a conversation at all.  If you don’t want to share what is actually going on in your life, then say so – nicely, of course.  If you don’t truly want to know what’s going on in someone’s life, then don’t ask.  This interaction, carried out multiple times by each of us every day, defines us – let’s try to make it authentic and thereby steer the definition of ourselves towards authenticity.
  • Faulty communication leads to so many misunderstandings and arguments.  I was married to a man with whom I could just never get it right. I’d say, “The sky is blue” and he’d hear, “The sky is red.”  He’d go outside, look up, see that the sky was, in fact, blue, and get angry with me for misleading him.  He wouldn’t tell me he was angry because in his mind I already knew that I misled him, as I told him the sky was red.  I wouldn’t be able to figure out why he was acting cold towards me because in my head I told him the sky was blue, and therefore would have no clue that the whole sky thing was even an issue.  This scene played out over and over again during the course of our ten-year marriage; not my finest hours.  I am happy to say that I have consciously worked on being more clear in my choice of words, working on aligning the definition of myself with “good communicator.”
  • Here’s another communication arena wherein we limit ourselves – emotions.  When most people consider their emotions, either via self-reflection, or because someone – hopefully sincerely! – asked, “How are you?”, they come up with one of a limited list: happy, sad, angry, fine, excited, disappointed, jealous, unwell, for example.  While human beings have the capacity to experience literally hundreds of different emotions, we don’t because we don’t even look, we don’t explore.  Sitting in the court room waiting for my divorce to be finalized, I experienced an emotion unfamiliar to me.  I sat there, exploring, until I figured out that I was giddy.  I didn’t remember ever being giddy before, but using that word, communicating that word to myself, expanded my definition of myself.
  • Prayer is communication with God.  For myself, I prefer using the prayers revealed by the ascended masters rather than my own, as those words are so much more powerful, in my opinion.  It feels to me that, using those words raises my vibration, raises my worship.  I’m not saying using one’s words isn’t heard, by the way!

This blog is about exploring the multiple avenues open to us as we work on our own healing and I hope you will consider building your awareness of how you communicate and see what happens!

Speaking of Death

It’s time.  I’ve long had the idea that sharing some of what I understand of the after-life, based on all my wonderful experiences engaging and working with Beings in spirit, might serve to alleviate some of the fear and misconceptions around the subject.  On June 27, an incredible human being walked on to the next life, and I thought, now would be a good time.  Until today, though, I just couldn’t seem to do it.  Today, I know it is time.

Death, that inevitable transition so many of us fear, is in reality a birth.  Similar to – and as inevitable as – transitioning from the womb to Earthly existence, though a babe snuggled comfortably, all needs provided for, not a care in the uterus, might beg to differ.  Yet, attend any funeral, or follow any post about someone’s passing, and that is not the mindset.

We forget what our scriptures and wise-folk have told us:  life-in-spirit is magnificent, beyond our wildest imagination.  It is only our fear of the unknown that causes us dread.  That, and our language (I’ll get back to that).

Let me share what I know of Howard’s transition and new life.  Having battled and recovered multiple times from multiple ailments, Howard and his wife, Renee, had plenty of time to discuss the topic of death, his in particular.  He had fought valiantly, overcome issues that, in anyone else, would have have been the end, and now it was time.  All his children had arrived to be with him, he had his last moments here in body with his wife; time to say good-bye.  He was ready.

Renee asked me to stay the night of the funeral so that we could speak with Howard the next day, after the hubbub had died down.  Renee and I, along with an old family friend, drove up there late morning.  There he was, casually waiting for us by the newly-dug site of his Earthly remains.  Right away I noticed his extreme joy and excitement.  I likened him to a kid in a candy-store, so many beautiful and delicious items on display, he couldn’t decide which he liked best.  He had arrived at his new home as if in a caul, except covering his whole body (he had been given multiple drugs during his hospital stay).  Holy Beings cared for him until he “came to”.  He acknowledged his son and other friends and family who had preceded him, and then hit the candy store.  He told us his first assignment would be one of building spiritual muscle, working alongside others, in unison, plowing the field, so to speak, while praising the Creator.  He was looking forward to the hard work, having enjoyed such challenges in physical life.  Renee asked him whether his funeral had been agreeable to him.  He responded that seeing the lengthy parade of vehicles headed to the cemetery was amazing and powerful (note, this was viewed from above, as he had “borrowed” a blue heron).

Indulge me, please, while I present a brief and woefully inadequate tribute.  Howard is not famous, or rich, or powerful by any worldly standards.  He hasn’t changed the world in any way discernible to most of society.  Yet his funeral was remarkably well-attended, especially considering the rural location.  When I arrived, I had to park two blocks away. When I got into the funeral parlor building, I was already in line, as it reached the door. There were two rooms open for the event, and both were full.  Folks came from as far away as Hawaii to attend.  The funeral procession was so long, I never saw the front of it; even on the straightaways, I only glimpsed the rear of it once or twice.  From my position in line, on a long straight country road, by the time I got close enough to realize we were making a turn, I could see many cars already turning, and no sign of the first one.  Even the sky contributed to the beauty of the day, see the photo below.  Why is that?  For one, his is a presence no one will forget.  He embodies a genuine love of life, fortitude in times of turmoil (“grace under fire” as those who know him will say), a joyfully helping hand, hard worker, lives by his faith and beliefs – and not just on Sundays – all with complete humility.  He touches everyone in a very special way, attested to by the many, many people who came to celebrate his Earthly life.  The large attendance speaks volumes. And, I’m happy to report, it touched Howard’s heart.


Getting back to our visit…

Many folks saw a deer as we were parking at the cemetery, and assumed the deer was there because of Howard.  What he shared with us the next day is that he was actually talking with that deer – how cool is that?  Throughout our visit that day, Howard was his usual cheery self, full of energy, full of the dickens, full of love.  He hasn’t changed much.

Which brings me back to language.  When a loved one walks on (or drops their bones, as I prefer to call it), so many of us remaining here in the physical realm use past-tense language when speaking of them, as in, “I loved him”, “She was so beautiful”, “He was so funny”.  Notice what they are doing?  They are telling themselves and their listeners that said person, and their relationship to them, no longer exists.  That is not true.  No one ceases to exist, and love certainly never dies.

My suggestion is this:  let’s speak of death in a more truthful way.  Let’s say “I love him”, “She is so beautiful”, “He is so funny”, because speaking this way allows us to inhabit the reality that our loved one is not gone, is still as wonderful and quirky and everything else as when they were in body, and that the only barrier between them and us, is us. While you may not go so far as to actually communicate with them – though many do, which we can discuss another time – your words have the power to change your attitude and your feelings; use them wisely.

Just before this post “went to print”, the news of Robin Williams’ passing came out.  Fox issued the following statement, which I have – humor me, please – edited to be more in line with reality:  “There really are no words to describe the loss of Robin Williams. He was [is] immensely talented, a cherished member of our community, and part of the Fox family. Our hearts go out to his family, friends and fans. He will be deeply missed [, and we look forward to a reunion].”

So say “Adieu” or “Adios”, both of which translate to “Go with God”; say “Auch Wiedersehen”, which translates to “Until we meet again”; say “Good-bye”, which is a blessing, invoking good fortune, or whatever term you prefer.  None of these denote a permanent separation, and all of them declare connection – they are our words, and mean much.

Paying Healing Forward

Let me tell you something beautiful.

A couple months ago, after I held a group healing session, I worked one-on-one with one of the participants.  We cleared something out of her body, and went back to the group. Every time I saw her after that, she thanked me.

While I appreciate that so much – I really love my job and that I get to help people heal and become more whole – I kind of shrugged it off.  She had said at the time that even though she has worked with many healers and psychics over the years that I was the first one to see that particular issue, so if I would have had to guess, I would have thought that was why she was so grateful.

Last night she shared the whole story.  As I don’t want to disclose too many details, let’s just say that she had been in a long-term relationship, one that was extremely intense, very connected, deep-attraction based.  It ended badly.  In the ensuing years, she hadn’t been able to get over it, to get it out of her system.  When we met and we cleared it out, she knew it was time.

Last night she shared what it meant to her.  She said she felt she had moved on, the tie was finally gone, that she was ready to love again, that her heart was open, that the future looked bright.  She had been healed.

Last night she shared how she would pay it forward.  She said she didn’t know how to thank me, that all she knew was that she wanted to make someone else as happy as she was, that helping someone else would be her contribution, and her appreciation for Source having healed her.  My heart was singing just listening to her.

Imagine, if we each of us paid it forward when we experienced a growth or shift – BAM! – the world would change dramatically, quickly, exponentially.

Shall we give it a try?

Interconnected – You, Me, and the Tree

Lucky me – I have had the bounty of experiencing radical reminders of how interconnected we all are – and by all, I mean;  you, me, Spirit, Nature…IMAG0383

A friend and I went to a forest preserve recently for a hike and metaphysical meanderings.  This isn’t something new for us; we’ve had some very powerful things show up for us on these journeys through the woods. Allowing Source to lead where it would, we found an area that seemed to be calling to us.  Roughly bounded by fallen trees, we both were sick to our stomach as we approached.  Each time one of us considered entering, or said something about it aloud, one of the trees started groaning (branches rubbing together, that eerie sound). That tree was warning us that we were entering sacred territory, and to proceed with reverence.  Once I checked in, was shown where we needed to go to address the situation, and asked permission to pass through this specific area (there was no easy way around), the tree gave a quick groan of acquiescence and through we went without any more comments from the tree. How cool was that?  Not only that it happened, but that we were awake enough to hear, rather than blindly blundering through.

Another wonderful happening was our recent Day of Discovery, at property held by a client of mine who just knew there were ancient spirits on the land and in the house and wanted more information.  There were spirits all over the place – in the house, in the barn, in the yard, in the woods…  When we went to the woods to work, two of the cats and a dog followed us, but the cats held back the whole time, as if they didn’t really like where we were going but wanted to be part of it anyway.  After assisting some settler souls on their way, two of us got separated from the group.  I saw a tree cluster that was calling to me and headed in.  When I got to the center, the spirit of that particular place welcomed me, acknowledged me, and that was pretty much it.  The cool thing is, one of the cats (the black one!) was in there with me – the one place she felt safe!  I’ve suspected for some time that cats have some kind of unique metaphysical gift, and this added evidence to my collection.

One time, during an outdoor labyrinth meditation, whenever I was in a dark place, I would be in literal shadow; whenever I had an awakening Aha! moment, I would be in the sun.  If you know what a labyrinth looks like, and how the traveler must go back and forth, circling in toward the center, you will realize how powerful that was.

In a slave cemetery in Alabama, I was working with a woman who had passed over 100 years ago.  As we worked toward her release, I noticed that a particular tree would begin swaying in the breeze to assist her.  I mentioned that to my companion, who immediately turned into a believer when the tree did in fact start swaying, as the alternative was that I could control the wind!

The more I think of it, the more stories I could come up (localized earthquake, anyone?), but I’ll quit here.

Ooh, ooh – one more!  One of the steps to breaking a 200+ year old curse (long story) was doing a ritual in a forest preserve.  It was December and pretty darn cold.  After I was done, I felt compelled to enter a nearby circle of fallen trees.  I stood there, wondering why, when a tiny little spider dropped down out of her nest with a web so I could see her, and then climbed back up to her nest.  To me, I felt as if she was giving me validation that I had accomplished what I needed to.  She knew why I was there!

I would like to offer to you the suggestion that you, too, can experience these things, can notice our interconnection, if you start paying attention.  Most people, if they notice, attribute them to coincidence.  We know there’s no such thing, right?


Asking for Mercy

The journey looms, scope unknown, the circuitous path winding away before us leading who-knows-where.  As we plod along the straightaway, we easily become complacent, numb; no need to worry, to push, to work harder.  An approaching curve catches our attention, appearing silently on the horizon, our gut clenching as they gets closer.  Somehow we know for eachthey bring a shift, a change, a loss or gain, however dramatic or insignificant.  We may hold our breath, close our eyes, even slow down, but it is inevitable; we reach the next one.  We are grateful when, having traversed the curve, we see smooth sailing, perhaps of a slightly different hue or fabric than the straightaway now behind us.  When the journey passes alongside wild terrain, filled with hidden, deadly ravines, monsters, terrors, we are so grateful that we are following a path, and not lost in that mess.  We know that stepping off the path, even for a moment, will set off unforeseen consequences, yet we often do it, even if purely out of boredom or as a means of claiming our selves, our individuality.  The longer the dalliance, the more difficult to return.  On the uphill stretches, we long for a respite, for water, a bench, anything to delay the inevitable blood, sweat, and tears required to reach the crest.  At the top, we catch our breath, take in the view, rejoicing in our capacity to climb this high, to where the air is measured in gulps.  Breath caught, we scan the downhill path, assessing our best progress, perhaps vainly attempting to hold off what comes next.  We must continue; however, here we try to slam on the brakes – surely it is dangerous to go this fast.  Is it fear of missing the details, or that we may stumble over an unforeseen stone?

For each, the journey is unique.  The straightaways, the curves, the witnessing, the highs, the lows, are taken at an individual pace, striding along in our personal, private shoes.  One of the points on which our journeys converge is where we feel terror, where the path before us heads to a black pit that looks suspiciously like hell.  Our mind revolts at the mere glimpse of what it is going to take to get us through; we imagine it is not possible.  Yet we are propelled forward, our minds shrieking “Stop!” but we cannot.  Logic tells us, if it cannot be done alone, yet must be done, we need help.  Then we are on common ground, then we ask for assistance – calling on the Divine, the Gods, the Fates – we are on common ground when we ask for mercy.

(written 7/25/11 for Fox Valley Writers Group)

Turn Your Chair Around: Becoming More Self-Aware

Life is a challenge, no?  Lessons upon lessons.  Situations that bring self-growth.
Situations that make our heads spin. Sometimes the lesson is obvious, other times not so much.  Often the lesson to learn is relatively simple, yet complex in that the shift eludes us.  In all scenarios, however, Source has our back, and finds creative ways of manifesting situations in our lives to nudge us in the right direction.

Case in point:  in 2010, a friend and I were doing “swaps”.  She would work on me and, in turn, I would work on her.  (I gotta insert a plug for bartering here, such a magnificent model:  win/win!)  Picture the setup, as it is so relevant.  I am sitting on her couch, she is sitting on a dining room-type chair, facing me, pen and paper in hand.  As I focus in on what healing we are to do for her this session, I am drawn to an area across the space, behind her, and so get up and walk over there. Standing there, I understand that this is where I am to work from, and am kinda’ thrilled as there was a rug in this area and my bare feet were chilly.  Stay with me:  now I am facing her back.  I convey to her that I will be staying put and she is rather nonplussed and suggests that we move the whole darn rug over to the couch area.  By this time, I realize what is going on and replied, softly,
“Or, you could turn your chair around.”
She immediately laughed at the absurdity of her request.

What a great lesson, so beautifully and literally stated!  Most of us tend to want everything, everyone, else, to adjust to suit us rather than making a shift ourselves.  Becoming more self-aware often is as simple as turning one’s chair around.

Think of the possibilities next time you are experiencing conflict.

Healing is in the Hands of the Angels

Sometimes, we know something needs to be healed, and just can’t seem to get to the bottom of it.  Recently this has come up in conversation several times, so I figure it is a timely topic for a blog post.

Healing is all about allowing energy to flow.  Whether you call it prana, chi, orgone, Source, Guides, Angels, God, Jehovah, Nature, quantum particle, whatever works for you, it is still energy.  And when something is blocked, when energy isn’t flowing, we need to heal.  You know this to be true:  in the physical realm, if there is plaque in an artery, blood isn’t going to flow.  Blood, though “heavier” than spirit, is still energy.  And energy is in the hands of Source, by the graces of our Creator.  Our Guides, being “in the flow” are fully aware of all these blockages and how they interact.

Fairly recently, I had a pretty dramatic experience around this which taught me a lot, so I feel qualified to put in my two cents.  First of all, let me tell you, I know how frustrating it is. For years, I had known that something pretty awful happened to me when I was five years old.  Once I discovered there was an issue – a blockage – like a dog worrying a bone, I wouldn’t let it go.  I tried and tried to figure out what it was.  Being me, I just had to know.  I figured, if I know what it is, I can address it.

First line of attack:  try to figure it out myself – dead end.  I asked both my parents; they had no idea.  I worked with various holistic practitioners; no luck.  It was so frustrating;  I knew I was ready, I knew it needed to see the light of day, and it kept eluding me.

When it was finally revealed to me, I realized that I really hadn’t been ready.  The perspective from which I saw it at the time of its unveiling, provided the framework to place it within the context of my whole experience.  Had it come any earlier, it would not have “fit”.  I would have been like, “Are you kidding me?  That makes no sense!”

Perfect example of how sometimes what we think is the right time really isn’t and that we must trust Source to show the way when it is right.

Here’s where it gets better:I chose my life challenges

The other day, I was working with a client – let’s call this person by the androgynous name “Ashton” – who I knew has an issue he’d like to unveil, while at the same time being in total fear of what it will look like. In a previous session Ashton had been told that we would take our time uncovering the root of this issue, kind of soften it up as we went, and thus when the time was right, it wouldn’t be so traumatic.  In this session, an eternal companion – let’s call him “Jo” showed up and shared that he was Ashton’s friend, that, while Ashton was on the physical plane, and Jo was on the spiritual plane, there were still connected and that they had agreed on this plan before Ashton came here.  Jo showed how he has been working with Ashton and that this issue would be revealed soon, but not yet, and that there were things that had to happen first and provided some tools that Ashton was to use to work toward that goal.  How cool is that?

Knowing that everything is in Divine Right Order is one thing – having someone show up and tell you the plan another.  How beautiful.

So, next time you are stumbling around, frustrated, just remember that “someone up there” has got your back, and things will be revealed in due time.