“You are a loving caring amazing woman.”  ~C.H.

 Healer ~ Medium ~ Medical Intuitive ~ Ghost-Whisperer ~ Teacher

All my life I have been aware ofedit 4 being “different”, of knowing things I couldn’t possibly, of having a strong sense of the essence of those I met, of being very clear and connected to the spirit world, yet it wasn’t until 2002 that I began working in vibrational medicine (an umbrella term for all energy healing work), specifically Comprehensive Imbalance Assessment (CIA).  Since then I have discovered I have the gift of channeling healing energy from Source, communicating with and working alongside Spirit Guides “on the other side”, i.e., a mystic healer.  Assimilating my additional gifts as a medical intuitive, a medium, a psychic, we are able to create deep shifts, across many realms, in a short amount of time.  Although trained in Quantum Touch initially in order to “figure it out”, it quickly became apparent that the modality I use is uniquely my own.  The humility and joy I feel in being able to provide this service is indescribable, and it has become my life’s work to help as many as I possibly can.

“You have been on this path for a long time now.  It definitely shows…  the amount of positive energy that walked into my living room tells me a lot about where you have been.”  ~D.F.

“I have been extremely blessed to experience a true sense of connectedness with Source through Kaaren’s presence, teachings and gifted talents of healing.  My life has changed for the better in ways I never thought possible since I met her and I have seen others transform through her healings and the work that she does.  My own gifts have skyrocketed by clearing out those deep hidden cobwebs that had long been forgotten. Kaaren’s healings go deep each and every time.  I have united with others where every participant worked together to heal within and help those in our hearts and minds. I am honored to share her insights as an exceptional resource for questions that you may be asking or awareness and healings that await you!”  ~Taresa B.


I look forward to working with you, whether on an individual basis or in a group healing circle or retreat or on our webinar and radio shows.

As this is as good a place as any, I would like to declare my eternal gratitude to my Guides, and the shamans, healers, and visionaries who, throughout history, have led the way for all of us, as well as my wonderfully supportive friends, without any of which I would be still stumbling around, trying to figure this all out.