Immersion into Source™

A Dose of Healing, Vibration-Raising Energy™

Every Sunday, 8 p.m. CST, join us for a healing session from the comfort of your own home.  CURRENTLY ON HOLD WHILE I RECHARGE!

The Guides will be sending healing energies through me to you – regardless of where you are – that you will intuitively use wherever it is needed, be it for emotional, physical, spiritual, or mental healing, or a combination.  Your job is simply to allow and receive.

Afterward, we open it up for Q&A – asking Source about those puzzling issues regarding this Universe we live in.  This is an excellent opportunity for us all as together we explore our existence, and that of the rest of Creation; one question leads to another, and more layers of the glory of existence are revealed to us.

Join us – it’s FREE!

  • The format is a webinar for which you must sign up; you receive the link either  by being on our mailing list or going to our Facebook group page – Immersion into Source – for the current registration link.  Start time 8 pm CST.
  • To view previous sessions, check out our YouTube channel.

What a great way to start the week!  Yes, it is a little different, but it is another of those Source-led happenstances.images

“Energy was so strong I had to lean my head against the back of the futon.”  ~Shannon P.

“Wow!!  It was very intense.  I felt a pressure by the third eye and it was like something turned off my thinking brain.  Two of my cats came to join the healing, too.”  ~Jane L.

That was amazing.  I felt like I dove into a fire pit of light prepared by my helpers.  I turned into smoke that rose into a plant reaching up to Source.”  ~Kathy

“Felt a lingering tickle sensation on the bottom of my right foot. Followed by an overall body feeling like I was melting in bliss. Then a vision of a beings in a circle looking down on me.”  ~Leeza

“It started with me feeling as though I was being lifted up. Higher and higher. I also felt as if I was spinning. I felt such love and peace. Then I got put back down in my chair and pushed back. I tried to sit forward, but was unable. So much love.  As always, it was amazing.”   ~Wendi

“I felt a lot of warmth.”  ~Karen

“I actually felt hugs!”  ~Candice C.

“I felt a lot of pulsing in my temples and feet.”  ~Cindy

“I was laying down and my throat got really warm, warm to the touch, and started crying for no reason. I didn’t see anything, but I felt energy.”  ~Jennifer  

“Felt like I was melting. Then I was guided to breathe deep and hold that melty/relaxed feeling at the end. Then intuitively told me to keep remembering that feeling, but go deeper, and deeper, and deeper.” ~Leeza

“I just want to say that being able to participate in your group healing is a real treat! During the session, the power is intense and beautiful.  I know some people felt an instant shift, while I found the changes for me were more subtle and happened over a couple weeks time. I really appreciate the messages that have come through for me.”  ~Wendi W.

“Felt the energy flow running throughout my body and it was very intense.” ~Noe O.

“I just finished experiencing the entire healing session on YouTube. WOW, it was amazing! I started having chest tightness and anxiety. It was like my body was shaking all over, but on the inside. I had pain in the middle of my forehead, and became a little disoriented. I sensed a man enter the room on my left. I welcomed him and thanked him for coming, but only if he walks in God’s white light. The song “Whatever You’re Doing” by Sanctus Real started playing in my mind, specifically the part “whatever you’re doing inside of me, it feels like chaos – this is something bigger than me, larger than life, something heavenly.” I started crying from joy and relief. I just looked up the lyrics to the entire song, and I am amazed how well the whole song fits this journey you are helping me to take.”  ~Cindy B.

“I felt a great deal of loving energy.” ~Roy D.

“Great webinar! Thank you so much! I feel like I might be able to connect with my guides now:)”  ~Karen

“I felt the energy even after we stopped the healing part and I was shaking. I still am shaking and I am very cold. but I am happy.”  ~K.S.

“Hi Kaaren, that was wonderful.  I just saw the video afterwards.  I hope I don’t work next week so that I can chime in as well.”  ~Kay R.

“I felt very calm and relaxed during the connection. Thank you.”  ~Nell M.  [note:  she watched the video after the fact]

“Just had to say your Sunday healing was FANTASTIC!” ~Kathy S.

“Very powerful.  I was doing a lot of shaking.  Felt like I was made new.  Came to the brink of the void.”  ~Kathy E.

“I go into a deep sleep for some reason. I woke up feeling tingly all over. Also a spark on the crown of my head.”  ~Carol

“Very strong warm sensation in my right wrist and teeth.  Strange…”  ~Dianne P.

“Thank you much!  I relaxed my shoulders too, right before you talked about it.  And my cheekbones were tingling, too.  Thanks!”  ~David D.

“I felt as if something was unblocked.”  ~Wendy L.

“Yeah!! It was awesome tonight.”  ~Shannon P.

“I feel calm and do look forward to these each week.”  ~Dianne P.

“I felt someone touch my face and started crying. Only lasted a few seconds.”  ~Candice

“My headache went away.”  ~Kathy S.

“I noticed in the beginning chains with locks lifting from my body.”  ~Florina

“I felt a surge of loving energy then got really cold.”  ~Kathy S.

“Ok, my first time doing this, I flet like I was getting picked up by the back of my neck like a kitten.  My head was flopping around.”  ~Candice [awesome testimony to the power of the Universe –  and this is why we want you sitting or lying down during the healing portion]

“I was experiencing it in my chest and throat.”  ~Jane W.

“I got an all-over warmth throughout my body.”  ~Dianne P.

“I got a very giddy feeling…  surge of happiness.  Which was nice because of my previous visits to this were either nothing or a terrible headache/migraine (that I have never had before).”  ~Selina G.  [on occasion, there is some pain involved while things are shifting; allow it and breath through it as much as you can – it is part of healing]

“Felt nothing, but nice visions.”  ~Carol V.

“I feel much more calm.”  ~Karen H.

“I can feel the difference as I continue through the sessions.”  ~Kathy S.

“Things come up to be noticed and I have no fear as in the past.”  ~Dianne P.

“I felt a band around my head.  Then it was as if the top of my head opened to the cosmos.”  ~Wendi W.

“I have been on these calls for weeks.  I can feel how they build on each other.  My life feels better and I feel that I handle any issues that come up with more clarity and ease and grace.  I watch the videos on YouTube when I feel I am having a ‘moment’ and I feel the blessings.  It’s amazing.  So grateful Kaaren for the love, guidance, and wisdom week after week.”  ~Lisa V.

“I love your Immersion – the energy is incredible.  I usually feel something every week especially release.”  ~Chris W.  

“I really enjoyed last night’s webinar!  I felt so much more calm and peaceful afterwards. Thank you, Kaaren!”  ~Karen S.

“I wanted to send a quick note to thank you again for helping with my upper back and shoulder pain.  I am still enjoying the benefits.  I now have mainly neck stiffness/pain, which is how this episode started 7-10 days ago, and then it worked its way down to my shoulder and spine.  It’s almost like it’s going back out the way it came in! Thank you!!”  ~Cindy B.

“I was hugged, too! I felt the energy surge!”  ~Kathy S.

“I had extreme head pain that went away!”  ~Carol V.

“I was being offered a bright light which I pulled into my body. I also traveled through a tunnel and looked down on the earth. Also felt hugs.”  ~Candice

“The meditation made me HAPPY! I was giggling.”  ~Kathy S.


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    how do you get to participate if you are not on facebook?

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      Simply join the newsletter from this website to receive the notices, or email me at


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