One of my favorite aspects of being a holistic practitioner is sharing information.

I’m not the queen of anything, but I have had loads of experience, and have extrapolated what I have discovered.  Since I always say, “This is what I think the answer is now, check with me next week”, consider asking questions of your own. Post them in the comments section below, and I promise to respond asap.

What is Vibrational Medicine?

What is Holistic Medicine?

What is Energy Medicine?

What is Karma?

Does Holistic Healing work for everyone?

Can I work with Holistic Healing on my loved ones?

What types of issues can be addressed holistically?

How long does an energy work session take?

How many healing sessions should I expect to do?

How does my physical body relate to energy work?

Does the energy work I’m doing affect anyone else besides me?

Why do we need help with energy healing?

Why am I experiencing these metaphysical issues?

Who are the Guides?

How does life in this world compare to life in the next?

Please explain December 21, 2012…

What is a Shaman?

Will holistic work replace conventional medicine or should I continue to see my doctor?

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