Healing for the Holocaust

It seems like a lifetime, but eight days ago I was given the bounty of doing some pretty darn awesome healing work.

There is a woman, let’s call her Louise, walking the earth to whom we all owe a huge debt.  She has done so many things in her 80+ years to better the planet, all across the globe, that it puts most of us to shame.  It is not my place to tell her life story here – I’m sure I don’t know the half of it! – but I would like to discuss what transpired when I was called on to work with her.

IL Holocaust Museum

For the past two months, Louise had been having trouble “staying alive”, as she put it. Though she lives in the Southwest (I live in the Midwest) she was going to be only a couple of hours away to speak at a conference (did I mention she’s also a walking, talking history book?), and she asked her niece to arrange for us to meet in person at the home of a mutual friend.

As a healer, the potency, texture, mood of the energy Source runs through me to the client varies tremendously.  With Louise, I knew right away that this healing was of a unique nature.  It all started out pretty straight-forward.  The Guides wanted her to lie down comfortably in order to better allow the energy to flow through her and avoid the possibility of swooning.  Some of the Guides were with me at her feet, a very high Being along with other Guides at her head, with the energy flowing through us and through her, circling at various areas in her body that needed extra attention.  I saw a man next to her and realized it was her husband, who she already told me had walked on some years before; he was there supporting her and assisting with the work.

Once this phase was complete, I asked, as is my method, if there were any questions.  At the same time, I noticed that her husband was now clouded in grief and sorrow, and that clearly he needed help.  Her niece told me about the “staying alive” issue.  As soon as she said that, I could see that Louise, without consciously knowing it, had been assisting her husband with his issue, and that was draining her of all she had.  Note:  this type of thing happens more than we realize, and is one of the root causes mainstream caregivers usually miss.

I told them that there was something from his youth that was haunting him, something had happened that he still hadn’t shook off.  Louise shared that, before he was taken from their home to hospice, he had repeatedly seen a young boy, dressed in old-fashioned clothes, standing at the foot of their bed.  He didn’t know who it was but desperately wanted to.  That boy then showed himself to me, simultaneously letting me know he was the envoy for a group of Holocaust and pogrom victims that needed and wanted healing, that he had shown himself to the husband knowing that eventually he and I (meaning my team) would cross paths. Adjustments were made to facilitate the healing, not the least of which was that I now needed to sit down, and then this large group of people started flowing toward me, headed to the Guides, or realm or place or feeling or vibration (I don’t claim to know exactly; I live here still) that they needed.  Let me tell you, this energy was unique, very powerful yet very soft, and incredibly beautiful.

The four of us breathing (as opposed to metaphysical Beings, who don’t inhale air) folks, after it was done, just sat in stunned, humbled, silence.  “Wow” is a woefully inadequate term, but it’s in the direction of what we felt.  The niece, who happens to have been trained by Hanna Kroeger herself in the art of pendulum divination, then revealed that we had just assisted 4,000,000 (yes, million) souls who had been victims of man’s inexplicable, ongoing, horrific treatment of their fellow men.  It makes me cry just to write this.  How could little old us, mere specks of dust on a slightly bigger speck of dust in an infinite Universe, be so blessed as to be chosen to do this?

Let me insert a clarification here.  I have “crossed over” many, many souls in the past, even in large groups, but this was different.  This was about needing healing, not about being stuck here as ghosts.  Now that I think of it, the largest group I worked with en masse was over 600, and that was in a Jewish cemetery; it’s likely there is a connection, I’ll have to look into that!

Getting back to Louise:  the niece then discovered that Louise and her husband (who was, in fact, Jewish) had, during their 50+ years here together, assisted 3,000,000 additional souls.  In case you’re wondering, that averages out to 60,000 a year, 164 a day, 365 days a year.  That’s a lot of work and it’s on top of the other amazing things Louise was already doing!

I started off this post stating that the world owes Louise a lot and I stand by that.  The history of the pogroms and the Holocaust leaves a devastating impression on the collective experience of all that is, this planet in particular.  Given that racism is still alive and well, it would be fair to say we are not yet healed from those wounds.  We must all learn to live together, to overcome our prejudices and anything else that keeps us apart, so that we can work toward the promised Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  That Louise and her husband, over the years, culminating in a gigantic push last week, on their own (along with their Guides) raised the vibration of 7,000,000 souls is mind-boggling.

Remember them in your prayers.

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  1. Lynne McCollum Staley

    This blog post was captivating! Thank you for taking the time to share it.

    1. Kaaren (Post author)

      You are welcome, and I do so appreciate your taking the time to comment!

  2. Heather

    Kaaren, that must have been a transformational healing. Thanks for sharing your gifts.

    1. Kaaren (Post author)

      I’m still reeling, I think. Someone responded how that the post was “stunning and beautiful”, and it made me cry!


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