Crystal Rituals™

“…it is in ritual – that is consecrated behaviour – that this conviction that religious conceptions are veridical and that religious directives are sound is somehow generated.” ~Clifford Geertz

Quantum physics, particularly the concept of entanglement, has begun to unveil the magic around us.  Magic is simply reality yet to be deciphered by science, and entanglement is simply the connection between any two objects regardless of spatial distance.  The first Crystal Ritual came from Source for a client back in 2009, and I, along with many other clients, have been using it with amazing results ever since.  Always working in the Light, we are creating scenarios that allow healing shifts to occur – always accepting that what is for the greatest good will appear.  This healing tool has been used to heal relationship wounds, assist a loved one’s transition to the next world, cure financial woes, clear space, alleviate pain on terminal illnesses, the possibilities are endless…

“Kaaren has given me a couple of these to do during prior sessions with her and I saw results, so I was looking forward to learning how to do this myself.  I started my first 3 rituals this morning, exciting stuff!  Great class!…  [next day] This is turning out to be a great way for me to practice following guidance!” ~Holly G.

Bring with you a half-dozen or so special objects:  crystals, feathers, beads, etc.  I will have on hand everything else we need; having some of your own items to work with will help your process.

Thursday, October 2, 7-9 p.m. at the RUAH Center in Naperville, IL.  Class fee:  $45.00.

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