Alcoholic Healer

As I am recovering from the repercussions of energy released from a new healing modality to be launched soon, I figure this is as good a time as any to share the following:

“Thanks for your blog, I truly enjoy reading the quotes or stories.  It means a lot to me.
Here is a story for you that I hope you enjoy.
I have been looking out for James*, a young man around 48, not too young. James is my best friend’s son.  My best friend passed away almost two years ago. That is when I met James. Now James is an alcoholic and I am sure he is never going to change.  Sad to say.  The reason I look out for him is I feel he needs someone to help him out in life.  We have tried to get him in AA or something to help him recover.  Things have not worked out for the best there. Then he was going to get his aid cut by about 200 dollars.  So he left and went back to California.  To tell you the truth, at that time I was glad to see him go. About six months later he came back.  I helped him find an apartment so he isn’t living on the street.  He is a kind-hearted person.
Last winter I gave him some gloves to keep his hands warm.  A few weeks later we got together and he had no gloves to keep his hands warm.  You need to know the weather is about 20 degrees outside that time of year.  He told me that he was on his way back to his apartment and came across a person that had no gloves and was going to be on the street all night, so he gave him the gloves. He told me he had a warm apartment to go back to and the other guy needed the gloves more than he did.empty bottle
Main thing about this story is I have changed in regard to people that drink.  I say this because, we went on vacation the last two weeks.  We were down in San Antonio, Texas.  My wife was shopping and I needed to sit down.  I ended up sitting on a bench next to a person that asked if I could spare some change.  Normally I would have walked away.  I ended up giving him all the change I had which was about 58 cents.  He was very grateful.  Said he had to have three drinks a day, then he is ok.  As we talked he said he was afraid of dying.  Had done a lot of bad thing earlier in his life.  Told me a few things and that was why he was afraid to die.  I told him that God is a forgiving God.  That we all do bad things in our life.  That if we ask for forgiveness, God was forgiving.  He still seemed worried but a little more at ease.
I would not have even talked to him, if I had not been helping James.  He has given me a different outlook on people that have a problem.
Thanks for letting me tell my story.
One never knows what someone else’s experience has been, or what their role is, even an alcoholic can be a healer…
* names changed


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  1. Lynne McCollum Staley

    I loved reading about your change in perspective, Brian. What a compassionate response.


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