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You’ve Come to the Right Place!

Welcome!  My name is Kaaren Smoot and on these pages you will find general information on energy healing, as well as what I offer.  Essentially my role is to support you to deeper connection, deeper understanding of who you are, to live your life more and more authentically, in harmony with your purpose.

Fact is, more and more people are beginning to catch on to the metaphysical aspects of life and how embracing that reality impacts our day-to-day existence.

They are realizing that there’s a bigger picture at work, a universal mosaic – way beyond what’s going on with our physical selves.

We are, individually and collectively, on an eternal journey towards whole-ness.

Everything in the Universe (the Cosmos) is connected – via a quantum matrix – and applying this knowledge to further our healing is as natural as breathing.

Sadly, most of us have not been brought up to understand this very basic reality, even though it is integral to our very existence.  Because of this missing piece of information, many of us stumble around blindly, completely confused and frustrated at now being able to grasp that elusive answer.  If this sounds familiar, know this:

You are not alone.  While in the throes of this seemingly endless sense of confusion, most of us feel as though we are the only ones having this experience.  In fact, it happens to everyone at one time during their life or another, and usually multiple times.  We don’t like it, but it is an expected part of life.

It is Source’s way of letting us know that we have some growing and learning to do.  Much like a cough is Nature’s way of telling us there is an unwelcome guest in our lungs, and that we need to do something about it, Source wants us to know that we can become more and better by aligning ourselves with our true purpose for living.

the universe

Your Role:

Here’s the catch – you must be committed to your own healing, and this takes courage.  There is no magic pill that solves anything.  There are plenty of ways to mask issues, of course, but that is not what healing is about.  My expertise happens to lie in guiding and encouraging my clients to take the necessary steps to create their own holistic healing – get some skin in the game, so to speak – to get to where they truly want to go:  higher, better, completer, happier.  In my opinion, each and every one who comes to me is a hero, rising up to claim their life in spite of all that has held them back.  Here is a write-up from a Butterfly participant regarding her understanding of her role:

“Butterfly – such a graceful, beautiful creature it is.  A better title would be “Immersion”.  We all go with the expectation of waiting for a healing to happen, through no exertion on our part, a miracle of sorts.  Imagine my surprise to learn that I must work hard, learn well, and change my life accordingly. And standing beside me is Kaaren, smiling at me one minute, and the next telling me I alone am accountable for my actions and the changes that must be made in my life. Accountable to myself and for myself and, if I’m in a group, to each other. That is a frightening yet glorious revelation and because of that, like the butterfly, I could fly.  We are warriors in our own battle for understanding and change, for healing and peace.  Kaaren is the glue, the tunnel, the door – and as to Kaaren’s smile:  you know what I mean when I say that special smile – I see love, and a prayer that says, ‘May the Source be with you, Butterfly.'”  ~Linda C.

To read more of their courageous stories, see my healing testimonials page.

“We do not always allow ourselves to work through pain. More often than not we think pain is a sign we must stop, rather than find its source.  Our souls do not like stagnation. Our souls aspire toward growth, that is, toward remembering all that we have forgotten due to our trip to this place, the earth.”  ~Malidoma Some


The Science:

With the advent of quantum physics, we are learning, in a scientific framework, what mystics and prophets have been telling us for eons – we are more than our physical selves.  As such, when we think about healing, we give ourselves an advantage when we apply this understanding.  We are made up of billions and billions of atoms, and each atom has only a tiny percentage of matter to it; therefore, we only have a tiny percentage of matter to us!  Why focus solely on the material aspect of ourselves when there is so much more?  By working with the meta-physical aspect of ourSelves – the vast majority of what we are comprised of – we can go deeper, farther, faster.  I like to call that “rest of us” the space between, that is, all that area that IS, that is energetic, that is part of Source/God.  Source/God is everywhere; it is impossible to think of any conceivable place where Source/God is not.  We also know scientifically that everything in the Universe is connected; again, applying this principle opens up new avenues of healing for us as natural as breathing – and this is why we can work together even if we are not in the same physical location!  Another wonderful example of science and mysticism meshing!  How wonderful that we are, individually and collectively, on an eternal journey towards whole-ness.

Once an issue is resolved, it will not return.   While on the surface, a similar problem may arise again, the root cause will always be different.  Same as a particular cold will not return – your body has identified that particular bug, developed an antibody, and should it try to return, it won’t survive. You might develop a cold again, but this time it will come from a different bug; same symptoms, different issue.


The Process:

By connecting with your metaphysical Self, you will feel better, happier, more alive – and if you commit to three private healing and personal growth sessions with me, I can guarantee it.  More than likely, the biggest and hardest part for you will be to allow this process to work; trusting that your Guides have your best interests at heart is key and that any assignments They give you are crucial to your development.  Many issues will shift immediately, others take more time – it took you some time to get to this place, didn’t it?

Learning opportunities, or, as we tend to call them, challenges, are a part of life.  Doing this work does not magically make you challenge-free, it makes identifying, addressing, and resolving future learning opportunities easier.

“Theurgy is ritual magic – but magic that enacts the will of God, not of the magician.  It brings divine energies down to earth, elevating and spiritualizing the world of matter, including the very being and substance of the participants.  Each time the believer takes part with attention and devotion, he or she becomes more attuned to God.”
~Richard Smoley, Hidden Wisdom, A guide to the Western Inner Traditions

My role is to act as a facilitator between you, the person looking to heal, and the Guides, who not only have the power to give you answers but also to effect permanent healing.  Our job is to get you what you want by guiding you to become more in tune with who you truly are – the reality of YOU!  As a mystic healer, I have the gift of communicating with the Guides (or Source, God, mystic realms, whatever term suits you) and by working together, we discover and define the roadblocks that are holding you back.  By focusing on foundational, core issues, we set you up to advance in all areas in your life, beyond what you thought possible.  Further, we address specifically what needs to be done to get you moving forward again.  Whether the issues are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or a combination thereof, the answers are all accessed the same way.  The results of this holistic approach to healing work are phenomenal (healing testimonials here).  Through your own participation, you allow Source to flow into your life and as a consequence, you will receive magnificent results; here are some basic ways you can improve your life:

  • improved self confidence, courage and self esteem
  • welcome relief from all kinds of chronic physical and acute pain
  • increased feelings of energetic shifts deep within you
  • higher levels of pure joy and freedom to accomplish anything you desire

Whether we work together once or many times, you will be on your way to living the life you were meant to live.  As someone who is now committed to the process, you are welcome to participate in any of the group sessions, workshops, or retreats that I offer.  I am committed to providing an environment in which all my clients feel safe, feel valued, and know they are loved.

One reason you may be having difficulty finding your way on your own is that more than likely you haven’t been given any guidance on how to communicate with Source, or more importantly, how to begin accessing your own inner guidance system.  Even if you have, consulting an unbiased facilitator is all you need to get you pointed in the right direction.

This work is complementary and therefore compatible with any protocols you are currently under and continuing those that are helping you is ideal.  Ultimately, you are the master of all aspects of your health and the final decision is always up to you.  However, it is always best practice to consult with your current therapists and healthcare providers before making any changes in the protocols they have provided to you.

This work is completely safe, and entirely confidential.

Let’s get started on your becoming

the Best You You Can Be!


Mission Statement:

At the Kosmic Matrix, our mission and mandate is to do the deep work with our clients necessary to facilitate the imminent step on the journey toward wholeness in each person we work with – and to the highest degree possible in all those we meet – by guiding them to the place where a shift can occur, empowering them to continue to live their lives with the utmost love and respect for themselves, their world, and their infinite journey.